The Healing Centre

The Healing Centre specialise in complementary medical treatments. We offer treatments for all ages and most health conditions. For over a decade, we have helped many patients to be free of pain, have more energy, reduce stress and feel empowered by taking control of their health and wellness.

We have a variety of treatments:


✓   Chronic and Acute Pain
✓   Arthritis
✓   Neck, Back & Joints
✓   Wound Healing
✓   Immune System Boost
✓   Circulation and Blood Pressure
✓   Digestive Complaints
✓   Hormonal Disorders
✓   and more…


✓   Fatigue & Low Energy

✓   Stress & Anxiety

✓   Depression

✓   Insomnia

✓   PTSD

✓   Addictions

✓   Seasonal Affective Disorder


✓   Acne & Scarring
✓   Eczema
✓   Psoriasis
✓   Rosacea
✓   Wrinkles & Ageing
✓   Pigmentation
✓  Cellulite
✓   Weight Management
✓   Hair Loss & Hair Rejuvenation

Since 2003, The Healing Centre have been successfully treating patients for Chronic and Acute Pain, Sports Injuries, Skin and Hair Regeneration, Weight Management and Well Being.

We use Laser Light Therapy or Photo Medicine, a safe, medicinal form of light, to heal and treat many health conditions. Laser Therapy is hailed as “The Future Of Medicine” by health organisations worldwide due to its amazing speed in healing the body. It also helps patients to reduce the need for prescription medication such as painkillers and anti inflammatories.

The Healing Centre also specialise in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture which is a popular, ancient system of healing was developed over 2,500 years in China.

Acupuncture is an effective form of alternative medicine that focuses on healing the “whole person” and not just their symptoms. This ancient treatment works by stimulating the bodies own energy to trigger healing and can help to restore health and well-being.

Acupuncture is used all over the world for hundreds of health conditions, mainly Chronic and Acute Pain, Well Being, Headaches, Illness, Fertility and many more.

We also offer Laser Light Acupuncture, a needle free, non invasive form of Acupuncture, suitable for people who would like to try Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, but cannot for various reasons.

For over a decade, The Healing Centre has helped many types of patients improve their health, including Sports professional eg; rugby players, MMA fighters and Football players.

Due to its complete safety and effectiveness, Laser Therapy and Acupuncture are particularly helpful in treating elderly people and even children.


We are proud to have countless testimonials from happy patients who have all experienced success with The Healing Centre.

Visited Farrah at the Healing Centre for low level Laser therapy for lipodemia and all I can say is wow! I lost an inch from each quad and noticeably firmer after a 1 hour pain free session – Lorna Bill, London.

I’m now 4 weeks in to having your laser light therapy and I’m delighted! The arthritis in my hands is probably 50% better and my dodgy knee hasn’t given way since! – Claire Kendall, Bradford.

I recommend anyone to visit Farrah at The Healing Centre whether an athlete or not, or just for greater general sense of well being. – Jason Mortimer, London.

I underwent a course of laser therapy with Farrah which has completely erased any sign that I ever had acne. I now have no bad skin issues at all. – Jo Conway, Wakefield.

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