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Healing problem skin at the speed of light!

  • Acne is one of the most confidence destroying skin conditions
  • Nearly 90% of all young adults suffer from some form of Acne
  • Dermatologists are seeing more cases now than in past decades due to stress
  • Acne is usually treated by doctors with strong medication and creams most of which have no guarantee and have many unpleasant side effects.

Our most popular and successful skin treatment is AcneClear, a non invasive, safe and therapeutic system designed to heal acne faster than ever before, and in many cases cure for good!

We have designed AcneClear featuring the World Famous, Celebrity and Skin Clinic favourite, Photomedical Light Therapy. It is known now that Light Therapy is clinically proven to treat all types of Acne with absolutley no side effects and gives unbelievable dramatic results. Never before has there been such a powerful ally in the fight against stubborn acne!

No Pain, No Pill Solution
Acne is usualy treated with harmful antibiotics, expensive facials and costly creams. AcneClear is a 100% safe and proven system that uses healing light and body balancing to heal the skin and balance the root cause.

Cost Effective
For most Acne sufferers, the cost of treating acne can prove to be as painful and stressful as the acne itself. And as stress is a know trigger this should be avoided. AcneClear is very successful in treating the root cause of stubborn Acne as well as improving the overall skin. In fact, the cost of a course of AcneClear works out significantly cheaper than paying for dozens of creams, lotions, facials and supplements that claim to work and in 90% of cases dont.

Beautiful skin starts within
A huge part of the success of AcneClear is that we include Body Balancing Therapy which is a successful holistic approach to healing acne from the inside out. AcneClear is different from all other facials as we treat the internal causes of acne such as stress, diet, hormones and digestive imbalance. See Below for more details om Body Balancing Therapy

Everybody knows that the Sun improves acne and other skin problems. At one time, the recommended treatment for acne was Sun light (UV light) which occasionally improved the condition. However,these days, UV lights are not recommended as a safe treatment for acne because it encourages wrinkles and other aging effects. There is also a risk that using UV light may lead to medical side effects such as skin cancers

We treat acne with Blue and Red Light Therapy (Photomedicine) which has the same beneficial effect on the skin as the Sun, but without the harmful UV rays. It is clinically proven to have only healing and beneficial effects. It is non invasive,safe and improves nearly all moderate to severe acne by up to 80%.

As soon as the blue and red healing light is applied to the skin , it immediately kills the bacteria that causes it and reduces inflammation and scarring dramatically. It also greatly improves condition and promotes new skin cell growth. By reducing inflammation and renewing cells quicker, the chances of scarring are massively reduced.

Body Balancing Therapy

Because Acne is  rarely is a reflection on poor hygiene and mainly due to stress, diet and lifestyle, we believe in the importance of treating the internal health also. An imbalance in the body can be shown in the skin, tiredness and dark circles are proof of this.

Acne is often a reflection of your internal health and sometimes imbalanced hormones. By healing the internal as well as the external, so results are faster and longer lasting.

We treat the patient as an individual, taking in to account all factors that may be affecting your skin. We combine Light Therapy Facial treatment with our unique system of Body Balancing AcuTherapy.

AcuTherapy (Acupressure or acupuncture) originates from the Far East and has been used in medicine for thousands of years. This ancient form of healing is a powerful way to improve health. With AcuTherapy

We use a Laser Light Pen that is shone on specific acupoints that run up and down the body. When Acupoints are stimulated, your body has more energy and is balanced. The light is painless and you cannot feel it, but some patients may experience a sensation of energy which feels quite pleasant. Most patients feel relaxed during this

Acupoint Therapy as part of this treatment is very relaxing, balancing and helps reduce stress:

  • Hormones are rebalanced
  • Digestive system runs smoothly
  • Stress levels are reduced.
  • Balance is restored

Body Balancing Acupoint Therapy is included as part of the AcneClear system and is at no extra charge.

  • Initial Consultation to investigate causes and triggers of your acne.
  • Relaxing and Therapeutic Blue/ Red Light Therapy Facial
  • Meridian Hand and Foot Massage (To stimulate energy and circulation)
  • Laser Acupoint Therapy ( Light pen shone on acupressure points to balance health)
  • Advice on diet and nutritional choices for health and wellbeing

Initial Assessment and  Treatment takes up to 90 minutes. Follow up sessions are up to 1 hour/60 minutes.

A minimum course of 6 is needed to see results. However after one session, you will be able to feel a difference in skin inflammation/ redness. This is a sign the treatment is working.  Individual sessions are not advised or available.

AcneClear is available in a variety of courses. Trial sessions are available.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation,  prices and further details.

If you would like more information about AcneClear or would like to book a consultation / treatment please contact us.

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