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I’ve had quite a few treatments at The Healing Centre with Farrah Deen. One being 3 years ago when the acne on my back came back with a vengeance. I’d had it previously and eventually found an antibiotic that eased it but only temporarily. I underwent a course of laser therapy with Farrah which has completely erased any sign that I ever had acne. I now have no bad skin issues at all. Without a doubt I would recommend this treatment for anybody suffering with skin problems. I also love the feeling of well being from the ear seeding and cupping. Try them together. It’s a real treat.


Acne and Wellbeing treatment

Well i’ve had another treatment off Farrah at The Healing Centre, thank you so much for helping with my back and sciatic problems, you have made my everyday life so much easier , you’re positivity and outlook on life has been fantastic and really helped with my healing process, you have opened up my eyes to alternative remedies/treatment and I couldn’t be happier with the progress i’ve made so far, you my dear, are a superstar!


Pain Treatment

Ive had a few treatments with Farrah but the one that has really impressed me was the laser therapy on my back. I entered Farrahs treatment room feeling very cynical about laser therapy but I was in so much pain I was willing to try anything. The treatment began on my neck and slowly moved down my back, there was no heat or sensation from the laser until it hit the area of my back where the damage is, then it became very hot. I had been in agony for weeks and to be honest didnt feel much different on leaving that evening BUT the next morning i woke pain free! And my back has not returned to that state since.
I highly reccommend Farrah and her wonderful treatments, in a world where medication is just a band aid with often terrible side effects i know where i will go now for medical help.


Pain and Wellbeing Treatment

Since having endometriosis 3 years ago, I have struggled to lose any weight and so I was quite daunted at the thought of struggling to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. My stomach was still very pronounced.

This treatment appealed to me as it was pain and side effect free, cost effective and easy, which are all factors a new mum needs to consider. I felt that at this stage going to the gym would use up the energy I needed for breastfeeding and sleepless nights. But the laser treatment was really beneficial as I was actually putting energy back in!

The laser itself was very non-invasive and relaxing. I had a detailed consultation where we chatted about my inch loss goals and what the treatment involved. As well as all over weight loss , I had a choice of 3 areas you can tone and contour.

Also the lymphatic treatment at the beginning felt it was boosting my overall health. It’s hard to draw the line where vanity begins and low self-esteem ends. By incorporating lymphatic boosting, it feels more like a health improving procedure than purely cosmetic.

Farrah has a very sensitive, warm approach and always wants to go that extra mile to help your personal circumstances. She helped me with much needed nutritional advice and gentle exercises designed for post natal mums.

In my case I had been experiencing some joint pains in my knees and Farrah offered gladly to use the laser on my knees whilst carrying out the treatment as an extra bonus. True to word, the aches went away.

During the 6 week course, I received many compliments on how well I looked. With light therapy I wasn’t suffering like most new mums, despite the sleepless nights.

Before starting the course I made sure to check it was safe for me whilst breastfeeding. As a new mum I was very cautious, but in actual fact I found it was very beneficial and helped mobilise more fat into my breast milk. There was a lot of research to prove it helped improve this also. I noticed my son was going longer between feeds and seemed more satisfied.

Farrah is full of useful health and nutritional advice. One week where my weight loss plateaued I was advised that I should actually eat more and regularly (new mums will relate to that).

Even though I did not do the recommended inch loss exercises, I still lost 2-3 inches from my stomach hips and thighs and 11 pounds, which I was really happy with.


Laser Lipo 6 week course

I slept like a baby all through the night, no broken sleep for the first time in months. Thank you Healing Centre!


Stress Buster

I felt like i was walking on a cloud after my treatment, I slept so well that night. I also had less anxiety and worry about work as I have a stressful job, its hard to avoid stress in my job but the treatment helped me to deal with it better.


Stress Buster

After 4 treatments my stress levels have gone down . I also dont have headaches any more. Ive lost weight as Im not eating junk anymore which i am now aware was stress related. I enjoy the light therapy and the reiki the most . I feel back to normal for once.


Stress Buster

I just wanted to say, I’m now 4 weeks in to having your laser light therapy and I’m delighted! The arthritis in my hands is probably 50% better, My dodgy knee hasnt given way since, i have great skin anyway but I’m gobsmacked at how there is even more moisture and firmness to it. My energy levels are ridiculously high so getting lots done (brilliant timing as its the school hols). Then to top it all I’ve had an overall inch loss as my cells are healthier and making my metabolism and body is work better, I’m not killing myself at the gym either!!!!!! WOW! A must for all – try a course of 4 weeks I bet everyone would benefit., thank you x.


laser light therapy

Went for a treatment at the Healing Centre the other day with Lorna Bill, Farrah who runs it is a miracle worker! Lorna suffers with lymphodema which is a condition that causes severe water retention of the legs and after 1 treatment the swelling was reduced by an inch and a half off each leg the next day! As for me suffering with a bulging disc my back felt fine the next day which is great considering I had the treatment after training back, usually the next day I’m struggling with lower back pain! Not too mention it caused my metabolic rate to shoot through the roof as after my cheat meal I woke up lighter than the previous day! I recommend anyone to visit Farrah at the healing centre whether and athlete or no just for greater general sense of well being.


Well Being

Visited Farrah at the Healing Centre for low level Laser therapy for lipodemia and all I can say is wow! I lost an inch from each quad and noticeably firmer after a 1 hour pain free session (so relaxing I almost fell asleep). Not only does farrah have outstanding and amazing knowledge of the human body, vitamins, nutrients and laser therapy but she provided a professional service at very affordable rates. Please do contact her as she can treat so many conditions that can actually be cured not just managed xx.


Low level Laser therapy

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