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Pain Therapy

At The Healing Centre we use various alternative and complimentary treatments for pain relief. The main therapies are Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Needle Free Acupuncture, Photomedical Laser Light Therapy and Cupping Therapy.

Our most popular treatment for pain is Photomedical Laser Therapy – The No Pain, No Pill Solution

It may sound like something from a Science fiction film, a magic light that can heal the body after only a few minutes.

Yet from Joint Pain to Migraines, Sports Injuries to Acne, Wound Healing to Weight Loss, Photomedical Laser Therapy is fast proving to be the safe and effective ‘miracle therapy’ many people who suffer with pain have dreamed of.

As we know, pain relief medication although effective, when used in excess or long term can be addictive, damaging to health and have many unpleasant side effects.

Laser Therapy is 100% safe and side effect free. This combined with its accelerated healing benefits, that surpass many other therapies, Laser Therapy is now hailed as ‘The Future of Medicine’ by pain clinics worldwide.

Who uses Laser Therapy?

For over 50 years, Photomedical Laser Therapy, or simply just “Laser Therapy”, a medical form of light, has been scientifically proven to reduce pain, speed up wound healing and can even boost the immune system, relieve insomnia and increase energy.

It also has a rich background of scientific documentation to prove it works to reduce pain and heal the body.

Pain Clinics, and Doctors, Vets and Dentists, Physiotherapists and Surgeons use laser therapy to heal and treat Pain, Illness and most conditions that can go wrong with the human body, and even the mind.

Laser Therapy has organizations singing its praises such as NASA, the US and British Armed Forces, Olympic Athletes, Premiership Football and (World Health Organisations). They use laser therapy for Wound Healing, Injuries, Sports Performance Enhancement and much more.

Laser Therapy is also used by countless Pain Clinics, Hospitals, Vets, Dentists, Chiropractors, and Physiotherapists around the World.

How does LLLT work to heal the body and reduce pain?

We all know the Sun and its rays make you feel happier and healthier! This is because your body likes and needs photons (light molecules) and it uses them to do wonderful things such as healing! However unlike sunlight, Light Therapy is 100% safe and has no harmful effects such as UV.

Photomedical Laser Therapy (also known as Photo-medicine or Bio-stimulation) is a complimentary therapy used to deliver packets of light (photons) in to the body’s cells to create a medicinal, healing response.

Quite simply, Laser Therapy is very much like photosynthesis in plants. As with plants, light helps things to grow and repair.

When we apply laser light to areas of the body, it immediately begins to increase the energy, nutrients and oxygen in the cells, working to repair and rebuild sick tissue and decrease pain and inflammation. This results in accelerated healing for the body.

Laser Therapy helps to help and even cure;

  • Chronic /Acute Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Mental Health – Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Insomnia, Addictions (Transcranial Light Therapy)
  • Immune System and Lymphatic Disorders
  • Circulation and Digestive Problems
  • Skin and Hair conditions (Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, Alopecia, Thinning Hair)
  • Inch Loss, Cellulite, Stretch Marks

THERE ARE HUNDREDS MORE CONDITIONS LASER THERAPY HELPS. Please enquire if you would like details on specific condtions.

What to expect in a  Laser Therapy Treatment

In your photomedical light therapy treatment, the practitioner will shine a red light on to specific areas of the body and areas of concern, such as inflamed or painful tissue. This high energy, deeply nourishing light instantly penetrates deep into tissue and bone (up to 7cm). The photomedical light works to heal and repair sick cells at a rapid rate.

Does it hurt and is it safe?
Laser Light Therapy is 100% pain free, side effect free (unlike medication) and in its entire history , there have been no reported reactions to it. It is relaxing and therapeutic. There is no thermal heat that comes from the intense light, it is classed as “Cold” and  produces non -thermal energy from the light it emits.

How Laser Therapy helps reduce PAIN;
Within minutes, laser light therapy automatically triggers off a series of reactions in your body that:

  • Accelerate light speed repair and regeneration of sick cells, tissue, even bone
  • Dramatically reduces swelling and inflammation in the body
  • Boosts blood circulation and removes harmful toxic waste
  • Reduces pain by causing the production of pain killing endorphin’s
  • Block nerve signals to reduce pain

Treatments are extremely relaxing and pain free. 100% of our patients report a better night’s sleep and greater well being after having only one session laser therapy.

What else is included in Pain Therapy?

As mentioned we also offer as part of Laser Pain Therapy or as stand alone treatments: Traditional Chinese AcupunctureNeedle Free AcupuncturePhotomedical Laser Light Therapy and Cupping Therapy.

These therapies have been used for thousands of years in The Far East as part of the Chinese system of Medicine. Acupuncture is used to relieve pain and stimulates the bodies own natural healing abilities. There are countless scientitic studies to say that Acupuncture has pain relieving benefits for Acute, Chronic Pain, Joint Pain, Back and Neck Pain, Tendonitis, Arthritis, Sciatica and many more painful conditions.

We also offer Needle Free Acupuncture for patients who would like to experience the benefits of Acupuncture without the needles.

We also offer Cupping Therapy. This is also used in many part of the world for thousands of years to relieve pain, improve health and and ease muscular aches.


To book or enquire about Pain Therapy or for a free consultation please contact us.

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