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Beautiful Skin Comes From Within!

The Ultimate Facial is a revolutionary, Face and Body treatment exclusive to The Healing Centre

The UF is a revolutionary treatment for skin , as it not only rejuvenates, balances and de-stresses your facial skin, it does exactly the same to your entire body . If your body is not balanced , it will nearly always show on your face! Lines, Wrinkles, Acne, Inflammation are just a few signs your body is suffering from imbalance.

The Ultimate Facial is a Holistic, Groundbreaking, Rejuvenating , non-surgical facial that safely and effectively treats Ageing and Dull skin, Eczema, Acne, Rosacea and Psoriasis.

The Ultimate in Bliss!

There is no downtime or recovery. The UF is as relaxing as a Spa treatment. It is effective, safe, and painless, and provides immediate and lasting results.

Unlike any other facial in existence, the UF combines two of the world’s most powerful skin treatments, Photo-medical Light Therapy and Facial Enhancement Acupuncture into one session as well as Body Balancing treatment to calm stress, energise the whole body.

Relaxation and balance for your Mind, Body and Spirit is guaranteed!

What does it involve?

The Ultimate Facial is revolutionary as it delivers three of the world’s most powerful skin treatments in one intense and therapeutic treatment! We deliver three powerful Skin Treatments at the cost of one! Spa like relaxation is guaranteed. Here is why….

The Power of Three!

  1. Enjoy bathing your skin in the luxury of the celebrity favourite, futuristic Photomedical LED Rainbow Mask
  2. At the same time as your light therapy facial you will also enjoy having your Mind, Body and Spirit balanced with a holistic Body Balancing Acupuncture session.
  3. As a final power boost for the skin , the UF includes the highly popular Cosmetic Enhancement Acupuncture Facial. Cosmetic acupuncture is famous is famous for powerful skin regeneration, toning and tightening. Celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Aniston love Cosmetic Acupuncture.

It originates from the Far East and has been used for thousands of years to maintain youthful looks. Oriental skin has a reputation for being youthful and flawless!

Perfect Skin at Light Speed!

A big part of the UF is Photomedical Light Therapy for accelerated skin regeneration. Celebrities swear by Photomedical Light facials!


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