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The Ultimate Facial

The Ultimate Facial is a revolutionary, Spa style Holistic Facial Treatment exclusive to The Healing Centre.

This facial is one of a kind. It is a completely bespoke, prescriptive facial tailored to your unique skin requirements.

We incorporate Advanced Facial Light Therapy and Holistic Body Balancing Therapy which not only rejuvenates, balances and de-stresses your facial skin, it does exactly the same to your entire body . If your body is imbalanced , we all know it can show on your face!

Ageing Skin, Dullness, Acne, Inflammation are just a few signs your body is suffering from imbalance.

The Ultimate Facial treats your entire body, mind and face! It is also a pain free, side effect free alternative to harmful medication, harsh lotions, Botox and surgery.

This Groundbreaking, Rejuvenating , non-surgical facial that safely and effectively treats:

  • Ageing, Dull, Stressed, Skin
  • Eczema
  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Psoriasis
The Ultimate Facial is revolutionary as it delivers three of the world’s most powerful skin treatments in one intense and therapeutic treatment! We deliver three powerful Skin Treatments at the cost of one!

There is no downtime or recovery and is as relaxing as a Spa treatment. It is effective, safe, and painless, and provides immediate and delivers fast, long lasting results.

Relaxation and balance for your Mind, Body and Spirit is guaranteed!

1: Photomedical Rainbow Rejuvenation Light Facial

A big part of the UF is  Rainbow Rejuvanation Light Therapy for accelerated skin regeneration!

Photomedical Light Therapy is a safe, painless, revolutionary treatment that uses intense coloured light to

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lifts sagging facial muscles
  • Brightens and energises dull, lifeless, or aging skin,
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Detoxifies skin cells

We use a variety of coloured lights for specific skin issues for example red is used for inflammation and blood boosting, blue is used for detoxifying and antibacterial properties.

It is used all over the world to heal wounds, injuries and regenerate bone. Laser Light Therapy is even used by NASA to heal wounds in space!


2: Cosmetic  Enhancement Acupuncture Facial

Cosmetic acupuncture is famous for its powerful anti ageing, skin regeneration, toning and tightening effects. Cosmetic Acupuncture originates from the Far East  and has been used for thousands of years to maintain  youthful looks and reverse ageing. We all know that  Oriental skin has a reputation for being youthful and flawless! * Non Invasive, Needle Free option available.

Tiny, fine needles are inserted to create microtrauma in the skin to;

  • Stimulate cell regeneration
  • Boost levels of Collagen
  • Nourishes and restores vitaility to skin
  • Lift and tone sagging skin


3: Body Balancing Therapy

While you are bathing in the luxury of therapeutic coloured light, you will recieve  our bespoke Holistic Body Balancing Therapy for balancing internal stress and boosting body energy.

Rather than just healing skin topically like most facials, we incorporate Body Balancing Therapy in the form of Acupuncture or *Acupressure, Scalp and Hand Massage.

Acupressure is an Ancient Eastern therapy.  It is used to:

  • Reduce stress and calm mind.
  • Increase body energy
  • Balance hormones and clear digestive blockages that may be contributing to unhealthy skin.

If you have a inflammatory skin disorder such as Acne or Eczema, it is important to have Body Balancing to  help eliminate the ROOT CAUSE of your skin complaint. By treating the whole body and not just the face ,we can actually heal a problem skin condition for good!

What else in included?
If these three big treatments arent enough. we also include Cleanse,Tone, Moisturise for skin Type. Collagen or Aloe Face Mask and collagen eye patches for anti ageing.

When will I see results?
Results of The Ultimate Facial can be seen as early as the first treatment. Dramatically visible, long lasting changes generally occur during a series of sessions.

How long do sessions last?
The Ultimate Facial is a therapeutic, relaxing Spa type face and body treatment. The Initial Assessment can last up to 2 hours. The first 30 minutes is investigative consultation to determine patients needs.

How many sessions do I need?
A course of treatments followed by monthly maintenance is recommended for maximum results.

How much are sessions?
The Ultimate Facial is an combination of Three powerful stand alone treatments. Light therapy facials alone cost £60-80.  Cosmetic Acupuncture is £40-50. Body balancing holistic therapy ranges from £40-80. For these three treatments, you would pay an average of £230. The Ultimate Facial is only £70 per session which is the price of a standard beauty salon facial. Ultimate value for money!

*Note: Non invasive, needle free, light therapy acupuncture is available for patients.
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Please contact us if you have a specific skin condition query  that is not listed.

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